Thursday, 6 August 2015

UNBREAKABLE - By Abby Parsons Dhyrberg

Knock him down again,
why not he's tough
Can't you see what's happening inside
his light has been snuffed
Am I the only one that sees,
what appears to be,
his life's now a shipwreck and his eyes are lost at sea

He hides it with a smile
It'll stay for a while
He's lost everyone that cares all to stay in style
His best friend he's leaving
2 for the fact
And all I'm really hoping is for him to come back
This boy is not unbreakable as much as he may try
He cannot hide what's happening behind a silenced smile
There are seconds where I see
Who he used to be
All smiles, jokes and laughter
This has dropped to zero degrees
When he looks in the mirror his reflection has changed
Knocking others down tho it's him who's in chains
Although he thinks he's rising
This path goes down a hill
And although he may think he's not
This boy is breakable
Societies boy
Anxieties toy
Tho it's varieties choice what happens to this boy
Since I've got no other reason I start to blame myself
Leaving all our memories on a small silver shelf
Why not you've forgotten so why can't I
You're laughing and smiling While I'm trying not to cry
I should be mad at you
With attitude
Insulting everything you do for just being you
But I can't seem to do it
for some odd reason
Maybe cause we were so close like we signed some sorta treaty
You and I are so alike
Tho different at the same cause you took no shame
You don't know how many times I asked what I did wrong
So instead of answering this time I'll put it in a song
And don't you dare laugh at my tears
Cause that's right boy I know all your fears
But I would never do that
Cause one of us still cares
I thought I knew you well
But I guess not well Anouilh
Why's it when you're weak you act more tough?
He says he's fine but he's going insane
He says he feels good but he's in a lot of pain
He says it's nothing but really it's a lot
But who helps who cause he's all that I got
This all seems like a story but who's writing the plot
This boy is not unbreakable he breaks more everyday
He's strong in every sense
But weak in every way
His leaf fell off the tree
His bird has gotten free
The change is unmistakable
This boy is breakable
His words are meaningless
His silence full of meaning
The bigger his voice
The smaller the meaning
It's sad when people you know
Become someone you knew
They leave you In a tunnel and don't help ya get through
I still remember that promise
First one we ever made
First one you ever broke
Our rope had been frayed
You got closer to your friends
But friends come to an end
Guess there's nothing left to say
Next time you make a friend
Don't let that one end

All to stay in style

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