Monday, 30 May 2016

In Ten Years

In ten years it won't matter
What iphone your mum has
AKA will be also know as
500 likes on instagram
Who actually gives a dam

Cause in ten years
That boy who looks like a model
Will work his whole life at Mc Donalds
That girl that you mimic
Will get a nobel prize in physics

In ten years maybe
The class bully will need your care
The cheerleader will be doing your hair
The stupid kid will be a teacher
That punk will be preacher

Yet in ten years
You’ll have more problems than your hair
You’ll have to worry about what your kids wear
Your snapchat story might be good today
But you will have a best friend not a bae

In ten years I will be
tackling this country's pollution
We honestly need to find a solution
Or we'll barely have another ten years
This should be giving you nightmares

In ten year she will
Still care too much about what people think like me
And she will still hate her whole body
She won't have kids for her fear of getting fat
Her lack of food will make her fall flat

Sadly in ten years
That girl you tease won’t live anymore
Her mum found her on the bathroom floor
Cuts going up and down her arm
She lived in a world of self harm

So in ten years
You'll have to buy your own iphone
Have to work till you bare to the bone
You will have bills and taxes to pay
You can’t just slack off every day

In ten years you’ll
have to eat something other than junk food
Even if you're in a bad mood
You'll have to ban yourself from your phone
Your kids won't get off without a fight and moan

In ten years you won’t
Be able to bully someone like that
The pills they take on the bathmat
Make up the holes there parents left
They can’t help but commit theft

But in ten years
whatever your brand of shoes might be
Won’t really matter at all to me
If you're wearing supre of glassons i won't mind
Because in ten years I won't be looking behind

By Livvy Alsop - Rm 17

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Walk Home

The stairs was a rocky mountain that never ends.I scaled up, but my umbrella wasn’t agreeing with me.The outrageous wind yelled so loud that it broke my eardrum. Why did I have to go for a walk? Would I ever see my family again? Suddenly, I got knocked by the strongest force I have ever felt before.I flew in the air like a ripped plastic bag and fell hard on the ground.

In the darkness, I heard pounding on the contreate coming closer and closer.What was it? Was it ferocious beast or guy ready to put me out of my misery. A mysterious figure dressed in black came closer towards me.I closed my eyes hoping it will be all fine.

When I woke up, I saw dangling light above me.Surrounding were truck loads of knifes scattered across the dodgy room. Wherever I would step, I would probably step on one of these blades of doom. I was terrified about what would happen to me.Would I ever see my baby girl grown up ? Hoping that this was a run down hospital and waiting for a miracle to happen. 

BY Alex RM15

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Haunted Toilet

The shiny crimson door swung open, by itself. An ancient hand dryer switched on, mysteriously. Suddenly I heard the toilet flush, and the water waves furiously. I heard footsteps, yet no one there… The mystic mirror reflected a ghostly face, but who was he ?

Alex Rm15

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Mysterious Giant Hand

It extends out in my direction. I try to run but it’s a trap. The hand clutches me. It crunches all the breath out of me. Slowly, the hand raises.Closer and closer to whatever it’s taking me to. Wriggling out isn’t the solution. As the arm extends, I worry for my life. Suddenly, it releases me.

Flailing downwards, I try to think of an escape. The very mountain like desert is clear to see. Finding a deep spot of sand, I spiral towards it. While seeing the landscape, I spot where it was taking me.Oozing down the path. A green poison like substance flows down a vast chasm. CRASH!!! The sand encloses me.

Shaking off the sand, I see the hand. I have a sudden realisation. It’s fending off something
The hand is a giant hammer, smashing everything in its path. Trying to get to its prey. Creating truckloads of debris. I stagger. While running, the hand stops fighting and trying to get to me. Being off guard meant the other creature had a free shot. Crashing down the hand comes after a well timed shot.

Relieved, I start walking towards it. The figure comes towards me.I shout out ‘thank you.’ The figure says ‘no need.’ Suddenly it enlarges. Growing double the size of an airport. Its hand grabs me. I think ‘I am saved.’ Then the figures speaks again. ‘What a fool you are, walking into my trap.’
As he walks I see the mystical floating hand.It tried to save me? When I see the chasm my life flashes before my eyes. I fall, to my death…

Tom Room 3

Future Brings War

Aliens push forward with all their strength, with swords of pure energy. They fall painfully to the ground, hoping to see the light of the sun instead of the gunfire light of a cannon.

Plasma weapons leave a dark burn painfully burning into the flesh of a heroic soldier. Explosions fill the dark gray sky with bright lights of shrapnel and death. Dark grey spaceships hover over the thick mud,which turns red rapidly as blood drips slowly from soldiers’ thick tin can armor.

As a dark fighter jet flies overhead striking fear into the hearts of its enemies, it suddenly turns into an apocalyptic light. People are determined to conquer and defend until they are no more. Then as people start to hide on the now polluted planet, they begin to turn and run instead of fighting for freedom.

And now a time of rulers and slaves has begun.

-Morgan Room 3

Monday, 14 March 2016

The Drop

My heart pounds as I walk up the mossy stone. Firmly I place my hands on the rope. I look down at everyone cheering for me. Everything becomes slow and the world freezes. Swinging off this frayed strand will put me in the room 4 history book.
My palms begin to sweat, my heart beats like a surge of electricity shooting through my body. 3..2..1
GO! I lunge forward swinging myself towards the cold deep water. I’m like a bullet zooming down to the ice cold death pool.

I hit the water I look around and see the sparkling water covering my shivering body then I take a good 360 view and see the beautiful trees surrounding me.The mossy stones look slippery like the type of ice at a ice skating rink.The rough and slick rocks are covered in a lush green coated forest of moss.I climb to the side of the of the hot rocks touching my feet.Then I realise that I have launched my tree covered body off a 30FT drop onto concrete like water.I see all my friends jump off heading straight towards the depths of the cold river.

By Josh Rm4

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

10 Word Stories

Image result for ten

Read & write some stories that only use 10 words to tell a story...

Metaphors and Similes

Metaphors and similes are such
 Image result for cool 
 to use to add some more detail to your writing!

Read & write some below...

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Final Challenge for 2015!

Be in for the final challenge of 2015
Caption these...

Caption 1

Caption 2

Caption 3

Remember to put your name and room number in the comment.

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Monday, 2 November 2015

Challenge 11

The Rugby World Cup has had a HUGE effect on New Zealanders 
- on their mood, emotions, their  actions and reactions.

This week, write about what has a HUGE effect on you as a person...

describe what it is and how/why it effects your mood.

No more than 100 words... 
Remember to write your name and Room Number in the comment

Monday, 26 October 2015

Haiku not Haka?!? Challenge 10

Australian Rugby 

have declared that the All Blacks' haka 
Image result for haka all blacks 2015
is "unsportsmanlike" and describe it as "a sideshow". 
  Image result for aahhh
The International Rugby Board have agreed and have ruled that a 
haiku, not a haka
must be performed by the All Blacks at the final of the Rugby World Cup.

Your challenge is to write a haiku 
that the All Blacks can use instead of the haka.

What is a Haiku?

  • Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. 
  • The first has 5 syllables, the middle line has 7 syllables and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables.
  • The lines do not have to rhyme.

Example 1    

haiku or haka
doesn't matter on game day
still world's number 1

Example 2
All Blacks are the best
Australians are way NOT
poor English, but oh so true!

Example 3
collisions and pain
we're so tough we do not care
victory is ours!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

WHAT A WEEKEND! Challenge 9

All Blacks celebrate Julian Savea try against France RWC2015

How amazing to be one of the 6 All Blacks to score one of the 9 tries!

Watch the video below, and choose to be one of the All Blacks who scored.  
Write a adrenaline-filled description of that moment in time!!!

Remember to put your name and room number as part of your comment.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Term 4: The Challenges are Back!

I te  Whakatara Tuawaru -The 8th Challenge

Extreme Downhill Freeride Mountain Biking Competition 2015

Describe this run, or part of this run,  from the rider's point of view.  


  1. Use 2-3 senses to describe the thrill, joy or terror
  2. Include the rider's thoughts or questions somewhere 
  3. Use about 70 -100 words
  4. Use the word 'I' no more than 3 times
  5. You may not use the words 'riding' 'bike' or 'hill'.     HAVE FUN!
Please write your name and room number in the comment 
so you can be in to win!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Challenge 5 Winners

Due to technical difficulties, the video link with our 2 guest judges fell over!  But never fear, the winners have been chosen!  But our guest judges are now away on separate vacations but will be joining us early next term to announce the winners!

Challenge 6 Winners

Doorway to wonderland:

Student Winners
Alan R16
Connor R15
Charity R7
Jorja R15
Andy/Harri R15

Staff winner: Mrs L-P

Challenge 7 Winners

Image result for letters
Choose 5 letters Challenge

Student Winners:

Most chilling - Izzah S R13
Most heart-string pulling - Ryan R3
Most challenging Charity R7
Most humorousAmanda R14
 Character development Kaitlin McG R18

                                                           Staff Winner:      Mrs Hart

                               All Term 3 prizes will be drawn at first assembly in Term 4!