Monday, 10 August 2015

Challenge 2 - NZ vs Australia

I te  Whakatara Tuarua -The Second Challenge 

NZ vs Australia - we love it, don't we?  
What a weekend of intense sport...
All Blacks vs the Wallabies 
Silver Ferns vs The Australian Diamonds

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to take a close look,
a real close look,
 Image result for spy
at one moment of action from one of the above games.  
Write about it so that the action can be heard, seen, felt and yes, maybe even tasted!

Write your moment of action below as a comment and yes, as usual, all entries and winners go into prize draws!

Must be in By FRIDAY 3PM

Winners will be chosen based on the intensity of sounds, sights, feelings, smell, touches and tastes 
you describe as part of your paragraph.  
An original way to describe a sense or emotion
The "I could feel that!" Award (touch)
The "I could feel that!" Award (emotion)
The "I could see that!" Award
The "I could hear that!" Award
The "I could smell that!" Award
The "I could taste that!" Award  ???


  1. Bright red blood streams off my oozing body like Niagara Falls.A rainbow of dark colours from the mudpit stains my skin.From head to toe, agony floods every inch and corner, slowly eating me alive from the inside to out.Glory propels my gutsy bodybuilder body towards the line of hope.
    Levi RM12

  2. I was shredding towards the try line. The ball in hand Folau in the way ready to tackle. I look right at Milner-Skudder who was open. I pass the ball to him he pumped and jumps over the line. yes we had scored! I shouted. Nice Work Ben Milner said to me the amazing Ben Smith.

  3. Rabid fans jump from side to side, screaming throughout the stadium as I storm into the try zone. Players grabbing me from my head to my feet. I put my shoulders forward and ram into them like a bull, tearing limb from limb as I charge by, crushing the All Blacks’ hopes and dreams.

  4. As I focus on the net, a hand pops out of nowhere, the fingertips over the ball. My hands start to shake, sweat runs down my face, I can feel people staring at me as I bend my elbow. I can feel someone breathing down my neck. I start to lose focus, bending my knees a little and try to score. The ball flies up and rolls around the hoop. The ball stares at me, before it falls through the net. Screams fill the court as a massive grin fills my face.

    Alice Room 3

  5. A hard, brick knee slams into my sweating back, knocking out every single breath from my lungs. Saliva sinks back into my throat and I choke at the taste of sweetly sour liquid. Someone grabs my arms tightly and flings me to the slippery ground. Spiked, muddy shoes stab my body. Sweat is flowing down my face like a waterfall. I shiver at the feeling as the sweat slides into my mouth, my taste buds scream for help as the sour acid creeps down my throat. Turning around I try to pass the ball to my teammate, accidentally opening my mouth and devouring hundreds of spiky, dry grass blades, piercing my tongue. I try in vain to spit out the horrible parsley like taste, The thumping of my heart rings wildly in my ears. I look up at the white line. I realize i’m taking too much time. Quickly i slip the ball to my team mate. Everything else happens in a wink, in no time we've got a try.

    - Charity - Room 7

  6. The sickly sweet smell of artificial doughnuts is all around me as the intense game commences. The crowd is deafening. It is unknown to me how the players can block all the noise out and play world class netball. Every time the silver ferns have the ball I subconsciously hold my breath, I don't understand how people can deal with this sort of pressure. The competitiveness in there faces and the way they hold there bodies is prominent. They want to win, they have to win. The players must be tired, there muscles aching and on top of all of that mentally exhausted, yet they keep going. They push there bodies further and further past there limit. I strive to be like that one day, representing my country in the sport I love.

    May.H - Room 3

  7. Lucy McCrone and Ishta Khot14 August 2015 at 13:43

    One last minute. The pressure is resting on my shoulders. The ball hit my hands and I felt myself spring backwards. I passed with flimsy arms and New Zealand was back in possession. The sound of the furious coach blended into the sound of the half cheering half booing crowd.It seemed to be over as there was ten seconds left on the clock. As the whistle blew it was done, for me, for the team, for the Diamonds!

  8. Hair trailing, wind in my face, preparing for impact I turned a shoulder towards the wave of yellow. I lowered my head and IMPACT! I bowled through them like skittles me and the line and a gap for me to close IT seemed to approach me like a predator. Diving on the line I new I had done it the bruises felt like nothing all I had was the taste of achievement.

    From the perspective of Nehe Milner-Skudder.