Monday, 24 August 2015

Challenge 4

Your challenge this week is to use the scenario below to describe the next couple of minutes.

In 50-100 words, describe the man's thoughts over the next minute or two so that the reader can see every detail of it. 

BUT...only reveal what was in the wallet in the last sentence

Challenge awards will be for:

* most original *
* most humorous *
* most eerie *
* most detailed description *
* use of a simile that adds to the description *
* use of a metaphor that add to the description *
*showing the story behind why he put it back*

Make a comment below to be in to win!

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  1. Joe Mathison stared at the wallet in disbelief. He had thought the wallet was identical to his, but on closer inspection he could see that it was more creased. The edges and corners were scuffed and dog-eared. In the wallet were a couple of credit cards, some scrunched up receipts, and a driver's licence. It was the name on the licence that had him frozen in shock: Joe Mathison. He scanned it quickly, heart racing. Name: Joe Ryan Mathison. DOB: 10/02/1991. Licence expiry: June 2035. Organ donor: Yes. And the photo: a man with a familiar arch in his brow, the same nose, same curl of the lip... but older. Much, much older than the face he sees in the mirror every morning.

    Mrs LP, Room 3. :)

  2. He opened and closed the wallet just to make sure he wasn’t going crazy. Nope, not yet. The limp dog eared wallet hung limply in his hand. Simon shook out the wallet, revealing a stash of faded, sour green bank notes. He picked up a crumbling note and held it close to his stubbly face, attempting to read the smudged ink. The date read 1762, Official Bank of England. “How is this possible?” he thought to himself. Searching deeper into the old wallet he found an enormous spider, with legs and a body as dark as space, its blood red, beady eyes, staring into the very heart and soul of Simon Mc Donald. Out of fear he dropped the wallet, as the beast clung to his arm. In a split second, the spider had expanded and had roped its legs around Simons chubby arm. He took a step back and violently shook his arm, as if trying to shake his hand off. Despite his struggle, the intimidating spider clung on for dear life. Almost going out of his mind, the spider finally let go and landed with a splat on the cold, hard concrete. Suddenly feeling nauseous, Simon slid the wallet back into its former spot. Briskly he walked home. Later at 21 Hone Street, snuggled in his bed, Simon Mc Donald had puzzled nightmares about his encounters earlier that day.

    Katarina Wijngaarden Room 12 :) <3

  3. For a moment he stares into the middle distance. He bends down and returns the wallet to the street. Slowly, carefully, the man rises so as not to appear as if he has picked up the forsaken wallet, or seen what is inside. He knows it's hopeless. His arms are leaded weights as he tentatively raises them towards the sunless and threatening sky. His eyes frantically dart around the surrounding buildings, now suddenly appearing unwelcoming and strange under the cloud strewn ceiling. The man casts his eyes downwards and sees tiny chickenpox of light dancing across his heart, which is now beating furiously and painfully against his chest. The last thing he remembers as he leaves this unforgiving world is the note inside the wallet… “We apologise, but this wallet contains the last remaining traces of TZ841 on this Earth. It could only be eradicated through a final human touch. You will also need to be eradicated to protect the human race.”

    1. As I walked across the road I stopped and saw something out the corner of my eyes a brown case.I opened it soon came to me. I thought could this be true it's worth billions. Shiny, wrinkly, I knew the owner. I dropped the wallet and ran to the police. I told them all about it they so rushed over I was convinced that I had found Bill Gates wallet and it was a scam I was such a fool. in the end they caught the thief but it was too good to be true.

  4. Paul Patrick strolled down the dark and mysterious alley way. He never liked to go down the alley way but it was his only way to go home. Paul stepped on something that definitely wasn't the concrete. He looked behind him and what he saw was his wallet that he dropped yesterday. He picked it up. It was sticky and empty. Before he lost it, it had his ring in it, which was soon to be his girlfriend's.

    Reuben Clifford Room 3

  5. His eyes flutter wide open staring at what's in the wallet.He quickly drops the priceless position.Suddenly fair strikes within him.John takes a few paces back and sits back down on the rusty park bench reflecting on what he's just saw.Then paul thinks of picking this wallet back up again.But he knows that's the wrong thing to do there's 100s upon hundreds of 100 dollar notes.

  6. Jackson Joe Rm1625 August 2015 at 11:23

    The image lingered around in my mind. I quaked to the haunting feeling of a bullet decapitating me. Sweat roller down my cheeks. More and more nervous I got with each trembling step. A slender figure emerged from a nearby building. A red dot was aimed at my head. I snapped out of the hallucination. The dreaded fear of being assassinated at an moment stopped me in my tracks, the photos showed it all. Hundreds of pictures of me, each one with a red circled around it.

  7. Ishta and Lucy Rm 1625 August 2015 at 11:26

    I want to keep on walking, but something is pulling me back. If I keep it, things will never be known. But if I leave it as I have, a man will die. My eyes reversed back to the brown leathery object, stranded in the death trap of cars.
    "I must take it but I musn't. Everyone must know but a secret cannot be shared."
    Maybe some day a person named Eeclain Rone, will find the precious will from their great-great-grandfather.

  8. Sophie Edwards Rm 1625 August 2015 at 11:26

    How do I break it to her, she's going to to think I took it. What if she reports me to the police, oh no. Maybe I should keep it a secret and see what she does. How could she do this to me, why would she dos this to me I just don't get it? I've given her anything I have and this is how she repays me.In my own wife's wallet sat the love letters and photos between my wife and my very own brother.

  9. I continue to trudge down the sidewalk trying to push the disturbing words out of my mind. I replayed the message over and over in my head, the stars filling the dark black void that is the night sky. Suddenly the street lights flash off> The sound of a short sharp scream echoed round the empty street as the near sound of a gunshot encases the street as a horrifying sharp pain ripples through my body as my last thought goes to the note in the wallet that i dismissed as garbage fills it read RUN THEY ARE COMING!!!

  10. Taiichi C, Room 1625 August 2015 at 11:29

    The man opened the brown wallet which was lying on the footpath. A tiny silver ring fell onto the ground with a small noise and nearly fell down the drain. If the man hadn’t been cautious the ring would have fallen down into the sewage. He picked up the smooth ring which clicked out and cut his finger. The man wondered what kind person had a silver ring that could click open and slice someone's finger. He held his finger and thought, that knife was sharp but couldn't resist the urge to check the rest of the wallet.

  11. My thoughts were screaming at me through my ears. Images flashed in my head as if they were a highlight reel. Tattered shirt, ripped pants and scarred hands, created a stop motion video of assumptions. Mind blank, head clear, no feelings. The last thing I remember was just releasing the leather brown, cash holder, to the ground in shock. I tried to bring them all together to make some sense. It struck me. A women. This man was a detective.

  12. His eyes glare in shock his fingers shiver as he slowly closes the ripped leather wallet and stares into the window. The man gasps and opens the wallet again slowly, he avoids the small the small pocket with a gigantic rip as big as a dogs body, he checks through the wallet and finds a small blue credit card and I ID he attempts to look at the name but it is covered with a goo like blood in terror he begins to shut the wallet and by doing so a small metal objects falls out, he glances up to see the police "We are looking for a small leather wallet with a knife in it" The tall man places it down quickly and slowly backs away crossing the busy street "We Have found the wallet" The police say into the radio. The man thinks about his wife "Im not guilty" he thinks

    -Milli Room 17

  13. My mind was deep in thought.I grip the wallet feeling confused ,I then open the zip.I scream with shock.I couldn't dare to look at the photo.Grey hair,blue eyes and the same looking nose as mine.It was my mum's wallet.She passed away when I was born.Is someone stalking me?A Ghost?It had fresh blood on the wallet and a note stuck on the photo saying "Look Behind You". Sarah Greenwold rm 16

  14. My hands shook as small droplets of water rolled slowly down my wrists.Rain pounded against the stone brick pathway, my thoughts spiralled thoughts only of the wallet. stitching had lined the side joining the leather perfectly, but it had been what was inside.Staining the once brown leather blood red.My thoughts spiralled faster "a tongue" "a severed tongue".Panic sent my eyes darting left and right, fear built up in my chest. A deathly moan drifted from an alley way. "Its over" I whispered.

  15. I don’t even realise that i start walking. Feeling traumatised is something that i'm not used to. The image of what ive just seen, flashing in my mind, thinking about what could happen next. I need to help but I cant. My mind floating to skyping my s=friend last night. I love talking to my friends on skype when they're away. But now all of that could be gone. After all the picture in the wallet was of nine people. All having an X on there face, all but my friend. He had a large circle on his face.

  16. The man griped on it.His eyes narrowed, piercing the wallet.His thumb slid across the cold button as he slowly unbuckled it.His eyes started going blurry, head stared thumping with confusion.What was it for? What did it mean? His thoughts started to pixelate as a truck load of questions drove into him.The man glimpsed one more time in the wallet, a note with a rusty key was in the back pocket of the wallet.The man bend down and left the it sitting on the road with confusion.

  17. As I pick up the hard worn wallet up off from the side of the street, a shiver runs up my hand. I swear this wallet reminds me of the 1900's. I look around and silently open the mysterious wallet.
    A panic look crosses my face, it couldn't be could it?The tiny, dark picture in the corner of the wallet stands clear in my mind.
    It was my great, great, great aunt Lucinda.

  18. Liam Ross Room 1626 August 2015 at 11:07

    My heart was racing as I walked away shocked of what I have just seen, each step I take faster than the last one. I stop walking and look back at this terrifying wallet as I stare at hundreds of people walking past it. Suddenly it disappears I ran down to where the wallet was sitting as I searched around the street looking for the person that just took a wallet full of golden nuggets.

  19. A man strode down the sidewalk, checking his watch and muttering to himself. His eyes flitted around like moths, but soon fixed on a small brown-ish square laying on the concrete. Hesitating, he bent down to pick it up. Glancing around, he opened it just a tiny bit. Then he put it back down, and laughed. He didn't stop for 5 minutes. There was just a 10 cent piece in the wallet.

  20. Emily Lawson room 1027 August 2015 at 10:00

    The man was sweating what should he do? If he took the wallet no one would ever know it had been there he would be rich! If he left it someone else would be bound to pick it up. He picked it up he had made his decision he started running breaking into a cold sweat he was rich anything he wanted he could have. suddenly he stopped what was he doing? The wallet didn't belong to him. He slowly turned around and placed the wallet in the middle of the road again Feeling heavily disappointed. The wallet contained money more money than he had ever seen in his life.

  21. I was in the middle of a gracious stroll along London bridge. when i saw man with a brown thing in the middle of his hand. i watched him open it up and looked in side of it. his hands started to fumble around a bit but he just let the wallet fall out of his hands. When the wallet fell down and hit the pavement what looked a little ball, rolled out. went over to have a look. It wasn't a ball it was a glass eye.

  22. Simon Mc Donald picked up the old, wrinkly, dog eared wallet. Its faded lips and zips looked tired and sad. It appeared that the color and leather had long ago packed its bags and left. The creases had low dug into every nook and cranny to be seen. He peered inside and opened and closed the old leather wallet, whilst fingering the paper thin creases. A bundled stash of sour green notes fell to the ground when Simon shook out the wallet. A black blob fell on the cold concrete path. The blob started to grow. Grow arms and legs and a head. Out came fangs and blood red eyes. The blob crawled up onto Simon Mc Donald’s hand. Seeing this weird creature had frozen him with shock and paranoia. It’s deep black hairy, legs had crawled halfway up his chubby arm before he snapped out of his panic attack. The massive, scary spider had taken a chunk out of his arm when Simon had violently shaken it off.

    By Katarina Wijngaarden (Room 12)

    The scarlet sunset is spread out across the sky like crimson blood smeared smoothly over a large canvas. As the sun disappears under the tall rusting buildings… something catches my eye… As I walk closer, a brown lump carefully shapes itself into a shiny wallet. Stepping off the footpath onto the empty road, I reach down to pick it up. I flick open the strap...I can’t believe it! I feast my eyes on the glamorous sight. I glance around quickly to make sure no one is watching, but something feels wrong. The two men on the bench are staring at me intently. My heart beats faster. As I look around it dawns me. Cameras are everywhere. Suddenly, I realize. This is some kind of social experiment! I hurriedly place the wallet back onto the road, dust myself then sharply walk away thinking... Why didn’t I take one, just one of those shiny 100 dollar notes?

    Snigdha and Charity Rm 7