Sunday, 9 August 2015

Invented Words - Aliya

Posnegitive - Positive and negative
Upsetoyed - Annoyed and upset
Fantity - Believing fantasy is real and reality is fake
Dooscribe - Doodling and writing
Alphanumeral - Replacing letters of the alphabet with numbers
Clockle - When time starts to trickle
Shongest - Simultaneously long and short
Clichiterature - A story, poem or novel written in a similar style or resembling an almost exact plot.
Worditer - Somebody who creates new weird and wonderful words
Digiscribe - Describing someone based on information from the Internet

Unhealthsessed - Having an unhealthy obsession
Humonster - A monster that seems human or a human who is a monster
Ovblindious - Seeing without really seeing
Humanimal - An animal with human like traits or a human with animal characteristics
Depersonify - Describing a person as an object or possesion
Drowsper - Drowning in despair
Brounbly - Bright, bouncy and bubbly
Crammerful - Something that cannot contain anymore because it is too crammed and full
Numervu - Experiencing deja vu numerously
Killcure - Something that heals and hurts you simultaneously
Genenetration - The Internet generation
Mind-travel - Time travelling with your mind
Lollilate - Lollies shaped as chocolate bars
Combanimal - Combining or breeding two or more species of animal

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