Monday, 31 August 2015

The Wallet Winners: Challenge 4

Room 16 is on fire!
  •  * most original *           Alan J Room 16

  • I don’t even realise that I start walking. Feeling traumatised is something that I'm not used to. The image of what I've just seen, flashing in my mind, thinking about what could happen next. I need to help but I can't. My mind floating to skyping my s=friend last night. I love talking to my friends on skype when they're away. But now all of that could be gone. After all the picture in the wallet was of nine people. All having an X on their face, all but my friend. He had a large circle on his face.

  • * most detailed description * Harri C Room 16 My hands shook as small droplets of water rolled slowly down my wrists.Rain pounded against the stone brick pathway, my thoughts spiralled thoughts only of the wallet. stitching had lined the side joining the leather perfectly, but it had been what was inside.Staining the once brown leather blood red.My thoughts spiralled faster "a tongue" "a severed tongue".Panic sent my eyes darting left and right, fear built up in my chest. A deathly moan drifted from an alley way. "Its over," I whispered.

  • * most eerie * Andy L Rm 16 I continue to trudge down the sidewalk trying to push the disturbing words out of my mind. I replayed the message over and over in my head, the stars filling the dark black void that is the night sky. Suddenly the street lights flash off. The sound of a short sharp scream echo round the empty street as the nearby sound of a gunshot encases the street as a horrifying sharp pain ripples through my body. My last thought goes to the note in the wallet that I dismissed as garbage. It read 'RUN! THEY ARE COMING!!!'

                     * use of a simile that adds to the description *                Erin M Rm 9
A man strode down the sidewalk, checking his watch and muttering to himself. 
His eyes flitted around like moths, but soon fixed on a small brown-ish square
laying on the concrete...

Staff Pick: Ms Clark ...again...
For a moment he stares into the middle distance. He bends down and returns the wallet to the street. Slowly, carefully, the man rises so as not to appear as if he has picked up the forsaken wallet, or seen what is inside. He knows it's hopeless. His arms are leaded weights as he tentatively raises them towards the sunless and threatening sky. His eyes frantically dart around the surrounding buildings, now suddenly appearing unwelcoming and strange under the cloud strewn ceiling. The man casts his eyes downwards and sees tiny chickenpox of light dancing across his heart, which is now beating furiously and painfully against his chest. The last thing he remembers as he leaves this unforgiving world is the note inside the wallet… “We apologise, but this wallet contains the last remaining traces of TZ841 on this Earth. It could only be eradicated through a final human touch. You will also need to be eradicated to protect the human race.”

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