Thursday, 27 August 2015

Challenge 3 Winners


Gaston       Rm 12
Jackson     Rm 16
Arianna Rm 7
Gemma, Sophie and Nuha  Rm 10? 
And Ms Clark....I suppose.... For being the first teacher to enter!

  • Arianna
  • I kneel down. As I present to her the ring, a wide smile spreads across my face, but instantly falters. She turns her head away, sending her silky, brown hair flicking across her shoulders. She stretches her arm out in a gesture to stop, then stands still, silence fills the air. Cold, misty air curls around my shoulders, I can barely make out the creaking wooden park bench anymore. Tears flood my eyes, blinding me as I stumble away, but then a voice, as smooth and sweet as honey brings me to a halt. “Yes, I will”

  • Gemma, Sophie and Nuha
  • "Will you marry me?" I turned away so I didn't have to look at him, I tried not to giggle.
  • "No! I barely know you, I can't commit to you like that!" I stuck out my hand, and I heard some gasps and whispers from people around us.
  • "But I love you!" My brother cried out, he couldn't help it now, he collapsed from laughter.
  • "Weak acting" I said grinning, and gave him a light kick.
  • Gaston
  • Shaniqua's pale skin embraces her cold lifless heart. As she stares into your eyes, her dark soul sucks out all your energy and uses it against you. Shaniqua's spiky white hair shines brighter than a full moon in a cold winter's night. Her black painted finger nails abruptly leap straight to her fringe and pull back her wig. She says...
  • "You don't know me well enough."

  • Jackson
  • Nothing but silence. Is it the ring? Is it the way I presented? What is wrong with woman? I glared into her deep blue eyes. Her golden hair swayed in the beat of the wind. My heart reached out to her. She hastily pulled me in for a hug. A thousand emotions darted through me. A ghost whispered in my ear “I’m sorry”. Bulbs of salty rain drops rolled down my cheeks. Without realizing, she had already been swallowed by the fog.
  • Ms Clark

  • So Many Questions

    "I found this in your underwear drawer. Care to explain?"
    Richard stepped backwards, shocked that his sister went through his drawers. He used the moment's silence to desperately find an excuse. 
    "Look, I knew Steve had got you this here diamond ring and he only paid $50 for it. I can't help the way I am... I owe them so much money and thought I would sell it on for a bargain!"
    "Steve was planning to propose to me? And you're in debt with someone? He only paid $50 for an engagement ring? This needs to be sorted. Now."

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