Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Messi's Golden Boot

Messi's golden boot

It was the 90th minute Brazil vs Argentina. Argentina were on the attack Kun Aguero dribbled down the left wing and did a one two pass with Di Maria. Aguero whipped in and out swinging across straight to the boot of Lavezzi.

One of the Brazilian defenders did a horror tackle. Kicking Lavezzi’s leg repetitively, he tried  quenching his thirst for the ball. Only 30 seconds remained.  The earsplitting whistle called for a free kick awarded to Argentina. The stadium erupted into madness. The Argentina fans were overwhelmed with joy alongside the Brazilian's fury as Lavezzi is carried off the field, his body drooping in disappointment.

Under pressure, Messi places the ball just outside the box.  Stepping back, he lines himself up for the golden goal.

By Ben L

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