Monday, 17 August 2015

Challenge 3 - You Tell the Story.

Your chance to tell a story this week. You need to choose one of the 2 photos below and bring them to life. 

The Criteria:

* In approximatley 70 words - Write a conversation between the two characters that explains their reactions and emotions 
* The winning posts (there will be 5 winners or so) will be the ones that reveal a story behind the photo. Is there a secret? Previous proposal? Families in conflict? 

Have Fun!!


  1. I bend down on one knee she stared at me her eye, her eyes were sparkling her hair, brown, silky blowing in the wind. She turns hard, my face stiff holding the smile. Her hands so powerful they closed the box. My heart dropped with a plonk! She says nothing and walks off a hose has gone off in my eyes, I sit there and think " why"...

  2. A cloud of misty grey, lamp-posts fading in the distance, a bench forgotten and lonely. The turn of the head breaks the man's heart and sends tears flooding down his cheeks.
    "Eveline, why not?"
    The young girl sighed and looked him square in the eyes,"I am richer than you are, my parents will not be happy with such filthy a ring."

  3. "Eveline, I think I should tell you something, but it might break your heart."
    "Roger, it will do me no harm to know what is hiding from me."
    "Eveline, it will shock you into death."
    "Then let it Roger."
    And with that, the sun rose, the fog cleared, and before her, she saw the last leaf fall off an old oak tree.


  4. “You think i’d say yes after what you did” catherine screamed
    “Well I I I just just” Jim whimpered
    “You just just what, just thought you could cheat and I would just forget about it?” she interrupted.
    A red tint filled catherine's face making her head slightly resemble a tomato, smoke billowed from her ears and streaks of blood red shot through the white of her eyes.
    “Well we're through” she screamed as she turned on the ball of her foot and stormed out of the room.

  5. Kevin Weerasundara17 August 2015 at 18:57

    “What is THIS?!” she said in exasperation,

    “Sorry, Jennifer, I wanted it to be a surprise,” she was now holding before me, a glamorous, glistening, sparkling ring, which was not meant to be a brought out in a moment like this.

    “SORRY? SORRY? Thats all you’re going to say? You know I don’t like surprises!”

    “No I don’t…” I said with worried tone in my voice.

    “Well then I think you know this as well, NO! WE ARE NOT GETTING MARRIED!”

  6. All that was in the room was silence. If pure gold and diamonds can’t do the job then i don’t know what will get that crazy woman's mind in the right position . People were starting to stare yes or no I said starting to get furious. ‘’I’m so sorry but we are not getting married I don’t see me with you in that elderly home’’. ‘’ I guess this ring will have to be put into storage muttered to myself stumbling away angrily

  7. Shaniqua's pale skin embraces her cold lifless heart. As she stares into your eyes, her dark soul sucks out all your energy and uses it against you. Shaniqua's spiky white hair shines brighter than a full moon in a cold winter's night. Her black painted finger nails abruptly leap straight to her fringe and pull back her wig. She says...

    "You don't know me well enough."

    Rm12 Gaston

  8. Nothing but silence. Is it the ring? Is it the way I presented? What is wrong with woman? I glared into her deep blue eyes. Her golden hair swayed in the beat of the wind. My heart reached out to her. She hastily pulled me in for a hug. A thousand emotions darted through me. A ghost whispered in my ear “I’m sorry”. Bulbs of salty rain drops rolled down my cheeks. Without realizing, she had already been swallowed by the fog.

  9. Loris’s pale skin represents the light inside her glowing brighter than anyone else.Her glistening blue eyes eye out the darkest days of being single,without me in her life.

    Levi RM12

  10. I feel embarrassed as if I just got rejected by the Lady I loved and thought I had a future with her.But no I got rejected,big time.She refused and walked off.I walk to town and go to a pub and try to get a another lady to marry me.I found a beautiful Lady.We danced and got drunk.I asked this lady to marry me.It was the same lady all along.

  11. “I’m sorry, but no.” She looked down at him with a sad smile, and the joy in my eyes faltered, if only for a second. I’d been thinking about this for so long, and it had been for nothing. Emotions overwhelmed me, and I grasped at them, to find one, just one. Anger. Anger at the world, at himself, at her. But he just grimaced, and said-
    “Fine. Goodbye.”
    Tom Lewis-Rm10

  12. “I’m sorry, but no.” She looked down at me with a sad smile, and the joy in my eyes faltered, if only for a second. I’d been thinking about this for so long, and it had been for nothing. Emotions overwhelmed me, and I grasped at them, to find one, just one. Anger. Anger at the world, at myself, at her. But I just grimaced, and said-
    “Fine. Goodbye.”

    Tom Lewis Rm 10

  13. Arianna Case Rm719 August 2015 at 18:50

    I kneel down. As I present to her the ring, a wide smile spreads across my face, but instantly falters. She turns her head away, sending her silky, brown hair flicking across her shoulders. She stretches her arm out in a gesture to stop, then stands still, silence fills the air. Cold, misty air curls around my shoulders, I can barely make out the creaking wooden park bench anymore. Tears flood my eyes, blinding me as I stumble away, but then a voice, as smooth and sweet as honey brings me to a halt. “Yes, I will”

  14. She gasps. her mouth makes a round 'O' shape, her eyes watering fiercely. I think she was lost for words. I definitely was. I needed a reply, or i was going to break down from the levels of suspense going on. She tries to talk, but no words come out. I try giving her a reassuring smile, which doesn't last long.
    "Oh okay. Its a no i take it?" i say, almost in tears. I turn around, and strt heading for the door. She runs and stops me, she re-opens the box and takes the ring, the 3 carat diamond ring, the one i have been saving up for for years. She delicately slips it onto one of her fine, long fingers.

  15. “Now son,your father and I spent a-lot of money on that ring so you shall take it and you shall propose to that girl and if you don't,well you have no idea what I am capable of!”For the first time I was actually worried for my precious little Edward sometimes he gets wimpy but today he is going to make me proud and marry that girl he has been dating.(Plus she’s rich what a bonus)

  16. So Many Questions

    "I found this in your underwear drawer. Care to explain?"
    Richard stepped backwards, shocked that his sister went through his drawers. He used the moment's silence to desperately find an excuse.
    "Look, I knew Steve had got you this here diamond ring and he only paid $50 for it. I can't help the way I am... I owe them so much money and thought I would sell it on for a bargain!"
    "Steve was planning to propose to me? And you're in debt with someone? He only paid $50 for an engagement ring? This needs to be sorted. Now."

  17. “YOU CALL THIS A RING” She screamed
    “It’s all I could pay for” I muttered quietly
    “If your going to propose to a woman at least buy them a decent ring” She yelled
    My ears were still ringing from the start of this argument.
    My life flashed before my eyes from a few years back.
    3 years ago I proposed to a lady, but she rejected because she says the ring was too fancy. So this year I meet another woman and tried to improve my proposing but look where it got me.

  18. He had a botnet of flowers in his hand and he simply placed them down. James got down on one knee He looked so cute as always. He gentlely pulled out a ring. The ring was plastic like we planned. Everyone around us started pulling out their phones and cameras out. “will you marry me?” James asked.I managed to stutter out “we only meet last week.” The next moment I took off running. That was the best prank we pulled off in a long time, I thought.

  19. I trudged towards the dressing table as I felt great after a brilliant shower. My whole day felt ruined as I heard-
    "Honey! I have a surprise for you!"
    "Ugh, Joe again..." I quickly dashed down the stairs to get this over and done with.
    As I got downstairs I saw my beloved boyfriend with his hands behind his back,
    "Uh-oh" I thought.
    "Will you marry me?" Joe said as he pulled out a scrubby old diamond ring.
    I firmly grabbed the ring and said-
    "Aw HELL NAWW!"

  20. Clara Gianos Rm 621 August 2015 at 08:23

    "What are you doing lying down on the floor?" I asked " well I am taking a nap, what else would I be doing?" He responded, I sighed and he knelt down on one knee, "Suzanne, can I ask you something?" " yes, you can" I chirped, extremely excitedly, " Suzanne, does my hair look good from this angle? " I groaned " is that all you care about, how you look you got my hopes to high, you always do and then you just crush them, I don't even know why I go out with you."

  21. Don pulled out his ukulele and started playing. "Oooooh lalalala!! I looove youuuu!!!" Don sang off key. He finally finished playing and dropped to his knee and pulled out box without opening it. "Will you-" Don got cut off by the sound of Agatha sobbing and saying "Yes yes!". Agatha took the box off Don and opened it. Agatha screamed and dropped it. A spider crawled out from under the box. Agatha slapped Don and ran off, crying and screaming.

  22. Today is the best day of my life.
    Opening up my favourite book, I see my wife happily hanging the washing.
    Something dropped out of my jeans…
    “What the?!”
    Hastily, I walk outside into the sun.
    In her hand is a small box. The lid is opened and I gasp at the item inside.
    The ring.
    “Is this yours?!”
    I lean back slightly as she repeats her question.
    “I got drunk at the bar yesterday. I... everyone was drunk…” I say weakly, “Someone had the ring... they asked me to marry them...”
    “Everyone was drunk…”
    “WELL, GET IT SORTED.” she says dropping the box fiercely.
    Today is the worst day of my life.

    Room 7

  23. Striding down the marble stairs fog curling at my feet,my heartbeat thumping in a repetitive rhythm as sweat clumped in my hands. She strode through the thick lingering fog swaying her long brown hair in front of her face "Will you marry me" The words poured from my mouth clumsily. She turned and flicked her hair ferociously commanding "Never, never for what you did cheating on me with that fat ugly cow" she strode away with the words lingering in the air while I crippled down to the ground with streams of tears going down my face

  24. "I'm sorry no"says Lilly
    "why not? "says Bob
    "I have something to confess" Lilly says with a croak in her voice.
    "tell me?? Lilly" Bob says with confusion and sadness.
    "I didn't mean to cheat, i'm sorry we have been dating for 1 year now and he popped the question,i said yes?!"Lilly Says slowly
    Bob closes the box and backs away "2 years and you betray me"he cries.

  25. Gemma, Sophie and Nuha24 August 2015 at 09:26

    "Will you marry me?" I turned away so I didn't have to look at him, I tried not to giggle.
    "No! I barely know you, I can't commit to you like that!" I stuck out my hand, and I heard some gasps and whispers from people around us.
    "But I love you!" My brother cried out, he couldn't help it now, he collapsed from laughter.
    "Weak acting" I said grinning, and gave him a light kick.

  26. "When were you planning on telling me about this?" Her stare like two knives, as if any answer I gave would leave me tortured. I leaned back, so far almost fell over, I took a step back. "Soon, I guess. I'm nervous, okay? I feel too scared to ask her, let alone tell others I'm going to." She rolled her eyes, and the threat on my life seemed to drop.
    "Well you'll be moving out, won't you? It would've been nice to know, oh well, I know now. I can help you figure out how to ask her, you dork." She slapped my arm, and I wondered why my sister had to be so terrifying.
    (I know this is over 70 words, sorry)