Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Who are the guest judges?

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                        Who are the guest judges?
They will be joining us by video link after the challenge ends!

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  1. 1. It was so sad. My best friend. Dead. It was a tragic story, we were going to the pool my best friend Jeff took the first jump we watched as he hit the ground with an all-mighty. CRACK! He missed the pool by a foot, The ambulance can and said 'he was long gone we can do nothing about it.' ( I am the one on the end next to the ambulance person)
    2. I just love to poke my tough out at people when i have won(HAHAHAHAHA)
    3. I hope my owners don't mined if my friends come round with there friends so we can have a party (hehehe) OH NO THE FOUND THE TOILET PAPER NOOOOO! I WAS SAVING THAT FOR TOMORROW!!!! ( :-( )