Sunday, 13 September 2015

Last Challenge for Term 3!

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 Choose any 5 or more letters in a row from the alphabet.

Using those letters in order, write a poem or story where each new sentence, or each new line, starts with the next letter.

For example:  

As he entered the lab, my steel heart warmed. Beautiful but dangerous were the first words that sprang to mind. Circling away from him, I continued inputting my data. Different emotions had been explained to me such as Empathy, Happiness and Sadness but this was one new...
"Eleanor, how are you today?" his voice sang. etc.

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"Love me or leave me!"
My defenses were down. No one could resist her imploring blue eyes, coupled with her stuttering sniffling. Only she, could hold such power over me. Perhaps, this time would be different; she promised it would be.
Quietly, taking her hand in mine.... etc.

Winners and all entrants will go into the draws for the Week 10 Assembly...

  • most humorous
  • most chilling
  • most unexpected
  • most heart string pulling
  • most challenging (think of using the 'hard' letters)
  • most action
  • best character development



  1. "Into the further we go"
    Jingling noises surrounding my empty head, leaving a trace of fear behind as well as appealing to the murderous sounds filling the atmosphere. "Kill!" Was the only word I could hear as the darkness in front of me represented the torturous screams of the victims of the dead. Love was not allowed in this world nor where the living, a world of darkness containing only torture and the evil presence trickling up my neck, sending a shiver down my spine. Masked demon's had followed me back once, haunting my dreams leaving an imprint behind of their evil presence in this world but this was no other than her, the demon that had once killed me before and was going to do it again.

  2. Izzah Siddiqui room 5 (for previous comment)

  3. Anthony D
    Rm 18
    A man enters the room. Between all the the aisles, quiet spreads as quickly as water. Calm and composed, he delivers his speech to the audience. Deep into the speech he unexpectedly jerked backwards as crimson sprays out.. Entropy erupts in the room as black-clad figures descend. Fighting erupts in between good and bad. Grenades appear in the hands of the masked men. High powered explosive shells are lobbed into the mass of squirming bodies. I watch on as thunder roars inside the confines of the enormous room. Jumpy survivors peek around, afraid of another onslaught. Killers emerge from the dust and storm into the most unexpected.

  4. Alex Lewis
    Rm 1
    People fear me instinctively.
    Quaking, like ants underneath a boot.
    Rabbits under the gaze of a fox.
    Serves them right.
    They don't know what they did to me.

  5. Milli Smith Room 17

    Waterfall are covered by trees and plant.
    As I visit the secret waterfall my jaw drops.
    Zebras and animals roam around.
    But something is missing where is my friend?
    She has gone to swim already.

    Not my best! :)

  6. Autumn Israelsson
    Rm 19
    My heart stopped.
    Nothing could make me feel anymore nervous right now.
    Other than the crowed staring right at me, waiting to hear my voice.
    Pianos started to play and i could feel a huge lump in my throat.
    Questions filled my mind as i waited for the intro of the song "will i do well?" I thought.

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  8. F - Firstly I walk into the room to smell something unpleasant,

    G - Gallons of blood dripping down the walls and draped over the furniture,

    H - "Help" I scream as the door slams behind me leaving me revolted

    I - "I don't know what to do" I think! I turn to see a face shape and a man in the red blood "You can run but you can't hide!" He whispers

    J - Jumping I run slipping and get covered in blood "You're my dinner" He shouts with a evil laugh Milli Smith Room 17

  9. Ed Sindlen

    rm 1

    Amazingly I continued down the hall towards it. But all the fear in the world was crammed in side of me. Carefully i stepped closer to it. Disaster struck it spotted me!
    Everything froze then it all went black.

  10. As i creep into the dark room an immediate stench stings my nose.
    But the tight grip of curiosity pushed me further.
    Cautiously i waved my eyes around the room looking for an answer.
    Down under the table to my right a black shadow Flashes across my sight.
    Ever so scared i feel a cold breath pierce my skin i rotate slowly to see the suspect.
    Ahmed Essahaty Room18

  11. P- Panting, I catch the ball and as fast as lighting I'm dribbling across the court.
    Q- Quick, time is running out, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20...
    R- Ready to score I give a last peek at the scoreboard… 64-64, if I get this shot in, we've won.
    S- Steady, I reassure myself , lifting up my hands as rush of blood surges through my veins, forcing me to push the ball out of my hands.
    T- The ball flies through the air as I look at the timer… 13, 12, 11, 10, 9.
    U- Unaware of reality, I turn my back and wait for the sound of the ball going through the hoop and the moans of the other team.
    V- Victory overwhelms me and turns my anxiety into pride, until i turn my back again…
    W- Wait, what is that noise?
    X- X-scoose me, why is everyone looking at me?
    Y- “YOU! Look, what did you do?!” The referee says angrily, pointing at the hoop with his bright red whistle.
    Z- Zach, look what you've done, I say to myself as I look up at the basketball hoop....

    Room 7

  12. D - Deafening shrieks surround me pulling me deeper into the trance
    E - Everything is gone in the blink of an eye back to normal, not a trace left behind
    F - Falling back in the trance as I drift to sleep I see my life flash before my eyes
    G - Gracefully floating back into heaven from hell I stare into the distance, confused about my life and where it’s taking me
    H - Hell is a terrifying place.
    Kaitlin McGlinchey
    room 18

  13. M- My voice bounces off the blood stained walls that hide me from them
    N- Nervously I reach for the chains that bound my broken ankles to a rusty old pole
    O- Out of all the people on the planet that someone would want to kidnap and torture Nomad had to choose me
    P- Pieces of glass are still inside me, slicing my organs more and more with every movement.
    Q- Quietly, a man walks in and places the very same gun I saw Nomad kill my parents with in my slightly broken hands; I know I have to do it, I face the gun towards me and as I pull the trigger my eyes close

    Michelle Bgoni
    Room 20

  14. Monstrous shadows hover over the greatest city.
    Nothing is in between them taking over.
    Only the greatest super hero could fight these away.
    People run away in fear of them attacking.
    Quickly superman swoops in but doesn't save the day.

    Amy Sutton-Gribble Room 18

  15. Ms Hart

    Just another Friday but
    Knowing its nearly Saturday
    Lessens my disappointment
    Making coming to school
    Not so bad!!!

  16. Lettuces love to
    Mingle with tomatoes
    Not broccoli
    Only because they
    Party in salad

    Amanda Parlane room 14

  17. Questions are
    Sucking time away
    To find the answer
    Use your mind and it will be clear
    Ben Collings RM14

  18. L- lighting up the sidewalk
    M- making the night so bright
    N- not many people
    O- on the way back from work
    P- people are in bed sleeping, but not me.

    Livia C Room 14

  19. Leo Allen
    Room 13

    Let's go and

    Make some pancakes that

    Nobody else can taste

    Other than us and our


  20. Happily walking into the park one day
    I see a big monster and run away
    Just able to make out its horrible shape
    Kaaooo! What is that sound? I’ve got to escape
    Looming over me like a big, huge tree,
    Mercy! I really need to flee!
    Night time comes and still, i’m hiding
    Obviously, this adventure is getting a lot more exciting
    Peering out from my little hiding place
    Quivering, I boldly approach the monsters face
    Really? I hear the monster say to me
    Shocked I look up, and what do I see?
    Tricked! I was tricked! This ‘monster’ is just a tree!
    Under the tree, I sit with glee
    Verily, I tell you, I just love this tree!

    Room 7

  21. I'm Batman.
    Jumping building to building.
    Keeping away from the light.
    Leaving no tracks besides caught criminals in my mysterious trail.
    My legacy shall forever live on.