Sunday, 6 September 2015

Challenge 6: What's behind the door?

I've  heard funny noises behind the door for days, but never had the courage until now...? 

Doorway to wonderland:

In less than 100 words, describe what is behind the door.  
Describe it using 3 senses...


And don't forget... feelings

Enter by making a comment below before Friday 3 pm.
Remember your name and room number.


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  2. With trepidation, I inch open the door to the basement. A cacophony of honks and squawks fill my ears. I cough and splutter as the tiny fibres of feather and hay tickle my nose. Nested around the room are large, snow-white geese. Their pale long necks stretch into bright orange bills, out of which comes the grating screams which have been keeping me awake. Scattered all around the floor and tucked into every corner of the room are eggs : glowing, smooth, oval orbs of gold. Golden eggs! I'm going to be rich! As soon as I get past the geese...

    - Mrs LP, Room 3

  3. Sorry this is so long and it is not very good. It is dinner time and hungry brain got in the way.

    A tale as old as time

    For weeks now I have heard strange noises from behind The Door. The sounds of heavy furniture being dragged or pushed across a wooden floor, the bone-chilling sound of something scraping down glass, and hushed, frantic whispers here and there. Each time I tiptoed past the door I would stretch out my hand and brush it against the worn brass handle. There were four inconspicuous dents in the dust from where my fingers had disturbed it, probably the first to do so in decades.
    This time was different. I felt the tiniest of electric shocks hit my fingertips and spread up my arm towards my neck. I jolted my hand backwards, my heart beating like a thousand tiny drummers. This shock to my system gave me an overwhelming sense of confidence. Stealing a quick glance up and down the hallway, I reached towards the handle and turned. The heavy oak door swung open. I was forced to shield my eyes as I was momentarily blinded. Sunlight was streaming through glistening windows which started at the perfectly polished floor and finished at the ornately decorated ceiling.
    Then I found the source of the whispers. Men and women dressed in all of their finery lined the ballroom; pearl necklaces, lace fans, hair ornaments, shined shoes and starched cravats. My flannel pajamas felt oddly heavy and suffocating all of a sudden. The reflection underneath my naked feet showed me a young woman wearing a baby blue silk gown with a lace bodice and a terrified face with a little too much makeup. What world had she stepped into?

    Miss C - Room 17

  4. We climbed for days. On our last night, we camped on the fringe of a village. Exhaustion and hunger (our meagre rations did not suffice) affected our judgement and we decided to try the only restaurant in the village. While gluttonously feasting on ‘cuancho’, we started to feel drowsy and before we knew it we fell in to a deep sleep.
    When we woke, I clawed sluggishly at the jagged walls; we were in a tiny room, engulfed in a suffocating darkness.
    We heard nothing but a few muffled noises from behind the door. Suddenly, light trickled through the keyhole…

    Mr.Morris - Room 18

  5. Anthony Deng Rm 18

    95 Words

    I step up to the rusty old door. Noises spilled out from the cracks along the frame. I reach out for for the coarse handle and pulled roughly. The hinges snapped and fell inward with a dull thump. I peek in and see dangling white shapes appear out of the gloom. I walk up to one and grasped it. It felt unusually warm to the touch. I take a step back and see that it was a human skeleton. I scream out loud and ran towards the door behind me. But there was no door...

  6. We finally have reached the cabin.I touch the small wooden door and turn the handle with no luck because of the brown rust on the metal door handle. my friend and I pull the cold door handle as it flings open we step inside to see a old man sitting on the chair "You shouldn't of come" He says turning around and sending the door to slam we frantically turn around to open the door but we fail.When we turn back around he is gone,"Look a key on the ground" I say running over and picking it up as it incinerates "Help Help" we all scream.

    Milli Smith Room 17 :D

  7. I grasp the metal door handle and feel the cold immediately run into my veins and my spine. Turning the door knob, I thrust into deep thought about maybe turning back. I hear a blood curdling laugh and throw the door open. Walking into the room, the door slams shut behind me. A clown threateningly stands in the way of the door. Evilly laughing he pulls something from his pocket. Pulling the trigger the dart pierces my skin.Feeling it as the world slows down the last thing I remember is feeling the feathers on the end of the dart.

  8. 99 words

    I walked up to cabin 9 the other boys at camp said it was hunted and some want a loud of rubbish. Why reach the door I looked thought the key hole all I saw was a plain old room. when I garbed the door handle it felt slimy I opened it, its was a normal cabin I said to myself. I took a look around the cabin than suddenly bang I felt cold I saw a man with a gun standing over me then I past out I woke up in cabin 8 then I new it was all a dream.

    Callum room 18

  9. The door is a entrance to hell. Realising I’m lost, I decide there is no other way out but to try opening it. Stumbling in the direction of the light streaming from the keyhole I begin thinking, what’s going to be waiting for me on the other side? I’m nearly there when the air thickens, filling up with screams I stop dead in my tracks, I think curiously what is going to be inside? My thoughts stop as something breathes down my neck. I look up to find, the door is open…

    Kaitlin McGlinchey Room 18

  10. I knew I shouldn't have opened it. But curiosity took over. Light trickled through the key hole. I knew it couldn't be that bad. The door creaked and swung open, filling the room with the cold wind. Some old furniture lay there, well past it's expiration date. The door slammed shut, most likely the wind. But I knew something was in here. I felt something whispering in my ear but I couldn't make out what it said. I turned around, but nobody was there. I felt a sharp pain in my neck. The last thing I saw was blood on the ground.

    Counting this up, it's exactly 100 words.

    Dylan Mckenzie, Room 18

  11. The door is a entrance to hell. Realising I’m lost, I decide there is no other way out but to try opening it. Stumbling in the direction of the light streaming from the keyhole I begin thinking, what’s going to be waiting for me on the other side? I’m nearly there when the air thickens, filling up with screams I stop dead in my tracks, I think curiously what is going to be inside? My thoughts stop as something breathes down my neck. I look up to find, the door is open…

    Kaitlin McGlinchey Room 18

  12. The door is a entrance to hell. Realising I’m lost, I decide there is no other way out but to try opening it. Stumbling in the direction of the light streaming from the keyhole I begin thinking, what’s going to be waiting for me on the other side? I’m nearly there when the air thickens, filling up with screams I stop dead in my tracks, I think curiously what is going to be inside? My thoughts stop as something breathes down my neck. I look up to find, the door is open…

    Kaitlin McGlinchey Room 18

  13. I can’t back down now, I can hear the horrid screams fill my head once more,taste the candy in my mouth. Yet I feel something strange from behind the door, like a forbidden land. The door seems to have never been opened with a dusty keyhole and a rusted door handle. The door feels like a creature manifested itself within it but I don’t understand why.
    Maybe that’s why it hasn’t been opened for years?
    I feel cold and lost, but what will happen beyond the doors I wonder?

    The last page of John Ciannavei’s diary

    By Jack Rm 15

  14. Beads of sweat dribble down my face as my hand slides out of my pocket. The light shining through the keyhole lights up the dead trees behind me. My heads spinning and i’m feeling nauseous. Slowly, my hand pushes down on the handle, and i’m regretting this already. Behind the door all i can hear is this strange puffing, like a dragon breathing smoke. Slightly, I push open the door to reveal a horrifying sight. A midget lady with a long warty nose is lighting a fire. In the very back corner there are two children trapped in a cage. The girl in the cage catches my eye, and gives me a pleading look. Bursting into the door the lady with the long nose turns around and snaps her fingers.

    By Caitlin Rm 15

  15. I open the old door and find behind it a whole different place I was in a ginormous palace with the polished marble floors,silk curtains,antique furniture and stairs that lead up to two beautiful thrones.As I start looking round I notice a buffet sitting in the corner with a huge variety of desserts from Green tea layer cakes which smells just like the tea my mum brought back from Japan to Biscotti which takes me back to my trip to Italy.Then I see another door, assuming there would be another room filled with more luxurious thing I walk inside the room but only to be taken back to my small apartment.


  16. The creaking wood boards were getting on my last nerve. The tone of the floor sounded like a dying cat and that wasn’t the rest of it. Suddenly I saw a bright light, it wasn't that sort of light you would find when you shine a torch through, it was like the sun was inside the room. It wasn't normal. I tried looking through the keyhole but it was no use, I heard footstep coming from the other side and I felt like I was being watched, It took me a second finally have the courage to just open the door but I did it and what I saw was out of the ordinary. I was a surprise party and for a second I thought I was gonna get murdered. “Well that ruined the surprise” Veronica said." At Least I know no one is going to murder me" I replied .Veronica Gave me a weird look and said “ARE YOU SURE”.

    Courthney Rm18

  17. My stomach swarmed with butterflies, my hands clasped the rusty door handle and cautiously turned it , the screeching metal against metal symphony filled my ears. I opened the door a crack and peered through. The light is dim and the room is thick with dust tickling my nose every breath I take,”I'm not alone” I thought, just as that thought swept my mind a hand caressed my shoulder, gnarled claws reached over and dug into my chest I let out a piercing scream, nothing was heard. I was lost for words as I was dragged through an empty door.

    Conor Rm15
    100 Words exactly

  18. I heard a noise coming from behind the big dark oak door, but I never wanted to do anything until now. Just a few nights ago the noise was getting louder and louder so I knew I had to find out what it was.

    As I reached the door I listened very closely to see if I could hear anything. Then I heard a "scratch". There was something behind the door so I scratched back "scratch" then "scratch" there was something behind there and I was going to find out what it was.

    I opened the door. There was nothing there but I could still hear the noise. As I kept on walking I felt like the noise was getting closer and closer then "gulp". I turned around and saw someone sitting in the corner pigging out on chips. But who was it and what were they doing in my hut.

  19. Amy Sutton-Gribble Room 18

  20. 99 Words...
    I've got to check out those disturbing noises, it's really creeping me out.
    It’s locked.
    Wait...the keyhole.
    Bending down slightly, I peer through.
    I gasp, creating a big ‘O’ shape and nearly faint with shock.
    Behind the keyhole is filled with beautiful leaves, painted with thick green colour. Graceful birds chirp happily in the blue skies. Cool water is flowing down a rocky hill.
    Even standing with a barrier between me and the other side, I can still seem to feel the fresh water refreshing my body.
    I sigh in awe.
    This is the doorway to heaven.

    Charity Ho
    Room 7

  21. Jorja McGlinchey Room 1511 September 2015 at 07:15

    I've heard funny noises behind the door for days, never having the courage to look inside. I hear noise crawling towards me, waking the monster that’s truly hidden deep inside. Horrible sounds turn into a booming voice, ruining dreams. Dim lights spill into the halls, I must be crazy by now. At dawn I’m in front of the door, flashlight grasped in my trembling hand. My fingers running down the bumpy oak, I grip the metal handle. With a twist, I’m swallowed by the flash of yellow lights. Echos fill the dark room. I hear the noises behind me, shivers shoot down my spine. I turn, meeting a set of glowing eyes.

  22. The chipped metal was cold as I rested my hand on the golden door handle. My stomach was tumbling all over the place. I gently pulled the door open while my mother told me precisely not to ever open the door. While the door opened a single butterfly flew out followed by 10 more than 20. I keep opening the door forever and i stared at it with wide eyes. A plant, was sitting there alone. My mum walked into the room. that moment I slammed the door shut. She just shook her head and laughed.

    By Sydnie and Riya (Room 16)

  23. Lucy, Ishta and Emily R1611 September 2015 at 12:10

    I've heard funny noises behind the door for days, the clink of the handle, the knocking on the wood. My bravery fading as I go closer and closer. I reach out to grasp the rusty, brass knob. Light sneaks through the key hole, hiding what awaits me. My bones tingle. My mouth fills with the taste of blood. I never knew it to be sweet before, or maybe it is just tomato sauce. Who knows? The door slowly creaks open and I fall. And fall. And fall. Until I am certain my death has come.

  24. Sophie Edwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rm 16!!!!!!!!!!!!11 September 2015 at 12:11

    The golden light shining through the keyhole, was the last straw. For days I had been wondering what's behind the door, it has been on my mind but I was to scared to open the door. Eventually curiosity took over, my hand, trembling as it reached the cold, rusty handle. I just wanted to go back to bed with my little teddy bear tucked up in bed reading fairy stories, the smell of cupcakes in the air, but instead I was here conquering my fears. I'm a brave boy mummy will give me a gold star for being brave :))))))))))) Yayyyyyyy I'm happy boy

  25. it smelt surprisingly sweet like sugary gumdrops. it sounded like a group of joyful people meters away from the door.

  26. "It's been there for ages" Max said "shh I hear something there something in there it's it's a".
    Bang "what was that" said Joe "Let's go in" said Max thy put the key in the latch they felt something it was human soon I could hear my heart thumping I turned around I was shocked.
    We ran in the room but “there is only a little part of the mystery left” said Max “now we can't get caught by that old freak” whispered Joe.

  27. A gold light shot through to key hole scaring all courage out of me It made me want to turn and run but I had nowhere to go the military wanted me dead. I could hear the heavy artillery coming towards me from all angles. Gunshot! I fell backwards Dirt flew In my mouth yet tasted nothing all I wanted was to survive I jolted dodging a bullet I ran Into the door. there was A strong stench of rotten flesh I looked Up there was a half zombified man open wounds all over him.'you don't have much longer'...

  28. And the door opened and out popped a bony, paled white hand crawls along the top of the handle and as it comes out of its little hiding hole, the dark evil magic spills uncontrollably onto my body.
    A panic start to drum in my body, boom de bar the pattern goes on and on, it telling me your going to die.I am officially freaked out now, it's coming towards me, I see it's white ghostly body and I am only just seeing it now but I now know it has been with me forever.

  29. Moonlight poured the key whole. My heart was starting to pound faster every second. It's always been there I wonder what is inside? Now the silent winds in the night haunt my mind even more. My sweaty hands released key into latch as door slightly creaked open, my brain was left in wonder as questions dashed through my mind. Should I do this?

    My first step into the damp house was like walking into a horror house. A weird looking manikin, walking in a circle...

  30. My hands brushed over the rusty knob as the door slowly creaked open I stepped inside as the pungent odor of rotten flesh poured out from the room as I stepped onto the cold concrete floor, my nose crinkle at the smell and my eye closed momentarily giving whatever was inside the opportunity to pounce A flash of silver overtook my Brain as pain shot through my veins I looked up to see sharp teeth coming down on my head as I fell to the floor with my last thought was "help"

  31. Shakeel Morar - Rm 1513 September 2015 at 17:05

    It’s Halloween night, one more candy and I will win the bet, The one where I have to get get 100 candies in an hour. I approach the last house, it looks haunted, I make my way to the front door. Ding dong, the doorbell chimed, in a depressing tone. Crash! a window must have smashed, this place is haunted, although it smells like raspberries, but on the other side, the house is very damp and unwelcoming. An old lady comes out with some raspberry buns, I take one and the timer goes, wait, buns are not candy.