Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Challenge 5 Winners

Due to technical difficulties, the video link with our 2 guest judges fell over!  But never fear, the winners have been chosen!  But our guest judges are now away on separate vacations but will be joining us early next term to announce the winners!

Challenge 6 Winners

Doorway to wonderland:

Student Winners
Alan R16
Connor R15
Charity R7
Jorja R15
Andy/Harri R15

Staff winner: Mrs L-P

Challenge 7 Winners

Image result for letters
Choose 5 letters Challenge

Student Winners:

Most chilling - Izzah S R13
Most heart-string pulling - Ryan R3
Most challenging Charity R7
Most humorousAmanda R14
 Character development Kaitlin McG R18

                                                           Staff Winner:      Mrs Hart

                               All Term 3 prizes will be drawn at first assembly in Term 4!

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