Monday, 14 March 2016

The Drop

My heart pounds as I walk up the mossy stone. Firmly I place my hands on the rope. I look down at everyone cheering for me. Everything becomes slow and the world freezes. Swinging off this frayed strand will put me in the room 4 history book.
My palms begin to sweat, my heart beats like a surge of electricity shooting through my body. 3..2..1
GO! I lunge forward swinging myself towards the cold deep water. I’m like a bullet zooming down to the ice cold death pool.

I hit the water I look around and see the sparkling water covering my shivering body then I take a good 360 view and see the beautiful trees surrounding me.The mossy stones look slippery like the type of ice at a ice skating rink.The rough and slick rocks are covered in a lush green coated forest of moss.I climb to the side of the of the hot rocks touching my feet.Then I realise that I have launched my tree covered body off a 30FT drop onto concrete like water.I see all my friends jump off heading straight towards the depths of the cold river.

By Josh Rm4

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