Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Future Brings War

Aliens push forward with all their strength, with swords of pure energy. They fall painfully to the ground, hoping to see the light of the sun instead of the gunfire light of a cannon.

Plasma weapons leave a dark burn painfully burning into the flesh of a heroic soldier. Explosions fill the dark gray sky with bright lights of shrapnel and death. Dark grey spaceships hover over the thick mud,which turns red rapidly as blood drips slowly from soldiers’ thick tin can armor.

As a dark fighter jet flies overhead striking fear into the hearts of its enemies, it suddenly turns into an apocalyptic light. People are determined to conquer and defend until they are no more. Then as people start to hide on the now polluted planet, they begin to turn and run instead of fighting for freedom.

And now a time of rulers and slaves has begun.

-Morgan Room 3

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