Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Mysterious Giant Hand

It extends out in my direction. I try to run but it’s a trap. The hand clutches me. It crunches all the breath out of me. Slowly, the hand raises.Closer and closer to whatever it’s taking me to. Wriggling out isn’t the solution. As the arm extends, I worry for my life. Suddenly, it releases me.

Flailing downwards, I try to think of an escape. The very mountain like desert is clear to see. Finding a deep spot of sand, I spiral towards it. While seeing the landscape, I spot where it was taking me.Oozing down the path. A green poison like substance flows down a vast chasm. CRASH!!! The sand encloses me.

Shaking off the sand, I see the hand. I have a sudden realisation. It’s fending off something
The hand is a giant hammer, smashing everything in its path. Trying to get to its prey. Creating truckloads of debris. I stagger. While running, the hand stops fighting and trying to get to me. Being off guard meant the other creature had a free shot. Crashing down the hand comes after a well timed shot.

Relieved, I start walking towards it. The figure comes towards me.I shout out ‘thank you.’ The figure says ‘no need.’ Suddenly it enlarges. Growing double the size of an airport. Its hand grabs me. I think ‘I am saved.’ Then the figures speaks again. ‘What a fool you are, walking into my trap.’
As he walks I see the mystical floating hand.It tried to save me? When I see the chasm my life flashes before my eyes. I fall, to my death…

Tom Room 3

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