Monday, 30 May 2016

In Ten Years

In ten years it won't matter
What iphone your mum has
AKA will be also know as
500 likes on instagram
Who actually gives a dam

Cause in ten years
That boy who looks like a model
Will work his whole life at Mc Donalds
That girl that you mimic
Will get a nobel prize in physics

In ten years maybe
The class bully will need your care
The cheerleader will be doing your hair
The stupid kid will be a teacher
That punk will be preacher

Yet in ten years
You’ll have more problems than your hair
You’ll have to worry about what your kids wear
Your snapchat story might be good today
But you will have a best friend not a bae

In ten years I will be
tackling this country's pollution
We honestly need to find a solution
Or we'll barely have another ten years
This should be giving you nightmares

In ten year she will
Still care too much about what people think like me
And she will still hate her whole body
She won't have kids for her fear of getting fat
Her lack of food will make her fall flat

Sadly in ten years
That girl you tease won’t live anymore
Her mum found her on the bathroom floor
Cuts going up and down her arm
She lived in a world of self harm

So in ten years
You'll have to buy your own iphone
Have to work till you bare to the bone
You will have bills and taxes to pay
You can’t just slack off every day

In ten years you’ll
have to eat something other than junk food
Even if you're in a bad mood
You'll have to ban yourself from your phone
Your kids won't get off without a fight and moan

In ten years you won’t
Be able to bully someone like that
The pills they take on the bathmat
Make up the holes there parents left
They can’t help but commit theft

But in ten years
whatever your brand of shoes might be
Won’t really matter at all to me
If you're wearing supre of glassons i won't mind
Because in ten years I won't be looking behind

By Livvy Alsop - Rm 17

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