Monday, 26 October 2015

Haiku not Haka?!? Challenge 10

Australian Rugby 

have declared that the All Blacks' haka 
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is "unsportsmanlike" and describe it as "a sideshow". 
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The International Rugby Board have agreed and have ruled that a 
haiku, not a haka
must be performed by the All Blacks at the final of the Rugby World Cup.

Your challenge is to write a haiku 
that the All Blacks can use instead of the haka.

What is a Haiku?

  • Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. 
  • The first has 5 syllables, the middle line has 7 syllables and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables.
  • The lines do not have to rhyme.

Example 1    

haiku or haka
doesn't matter on game day
still world's number 1

Example 2
All Blacks are the best
Australians are way NOT
poor English, but oh so true!

Example 3
collisions and pain
we're so tough we do not care
victory is ours!


  1. Haiku 1 :
    Thriving With Success
    As We Are Victorious
    We Are Number One

    Haiku 2 :
    Tactics Are Well Needed
    Tackle, Score and convert
    Will Lead Us To Victory

    Saahil RM 15

  2. Haiku

    We are the All Blacks.
    You should be afraid of us.
    We are the greatest.

    We will win this war.
    We will never let you down!
    New Zealand, the best!

    Will we live or die?
    For our country, anything!
    We will live and die.

    Skills, strength, don’t matter.
    Teamwork is what we are
    Believe! We will win!

    One step upward, ae (yes in Maori)
    One step upward to the sun.
    Yes! And the sun shines!

    One step upward, ae (yes in Maori)
    One step up to victory.
    Yes, our victory!

    Charity Ho
    Room 7

  3. Haiku 1:
    We are all READY!
    We are strong and powerful,
    We are ready to WIN!

    Haiku 2:
    Power, tactics
    Together we all are strong
    Soon victory is ours!

  4. Aditya Rm15
    We are the All blacks
    The cup belongs in our hands
    We stand number 1

  5. Angus Rm14
    We are the strongest
    Our nation is brilliant
    You can't defeat us

    We make the game rules
    Our might is unbeatable
    We will destroy you

  6. John Whelan Room 1530 October 2015 at 16:39

    because we are best
    In the finals, we
    will destroy Australia